Flashing a Lite-On LTR-48125S?

Is it possible ?

Of course it is.


Originally posted by Phil K1
Is it possible ?

Well, it depends on the FW you mean :cool:

you can flash it to 48125w, but what’s the point

I flashed mine this morning when I got out of the shower, but it just laughed at me. :frowning:

If I get a 48125S is it worth to flash to 48125W to get better burning methods? (CAV burning) or should I left the drive as it comes, with its original FW?

I believe the 48125W was better (apart from winbond chip) for its CAV burning method.


There is no difference between the “S” and “W” drives or firmware in terms of burn stretegy, function etc.

Thanks for replying, rdgrimes.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I know this question must be already answered previously…but I couldn’t find any post about differences on recording methods using the “search” function, believe me…before asking, I used the search function trying to not ask nonsense questions. I found that the only difference between “S” and “W” is chipset manufacturer, ST Microelectronics or Winbond.

On the 32125W I bought (and I still have it) some time ago, there were some differences on the recording method depending on wich FW you were using to overclok her, so I thought I would ask, because now I have to buy another burner.

But I agree that sometimes I get tired of people asking “can the 48125W be overcloked?” too. I understand you…

greets, my friend :slight_smile:

You are correct, in some past models there were differences in function based on firmware, that were associated with the S and W designations. However, in every case, an S could be flashed into a W and vice versa. The debate continues on just what the real difference is between the drives,
LiteOn is mute on the subject. In the 48x drives, the W is certainly the most common, my own is a very good writer and reader. But if you’re buying a drive today, get the newer model, the 52246S. It’s a better writer and reader.

Yeah, LiteOn doesn’t say anything…

About what drive to get, at a local seller I can get

LiteON 48x12x48 OEM 63,00 €
LiteON 52x24x52 Retail 89,50 €

model # is not specified, but as long as on the 48x ones 48125S and 48125W are the same, and if I am lucky I could get a 48126S and overclock her :bigsmile:it doesn’t matter for me. I’ll find out what’s the model # when I go to the store in the next days.

About the 52x, no model number is supplied on shop’s webpage, too :(. I believe this drive should be a better reader and writer, due to its newer chipset generation, but I think the liteon 48x burners are good quality enough and I don’t need to spend the 27€ of difference. (for non european people, 1€ is aprox the same as 1$) I don’t need all the Retail crap as wires and screws…I already have a lot :slight_smile:

OFF TOPIC/ This shop’s webpage is www.dr-pc.net It would be cool if you check the prices, I would like to know if you feel the prices are cheaper or more expensive than your country’s (everyone is welcomed), mainly on cd burners.



For comparison with USA prices, look at www.newegg.com.

yeah, newegg is great…

anyway, I didn’t want just price vs. price, I was asking for your personal opinions…:slight_smile:

but don’t worry…to discuss about that I would better start another thread…let’s stay on topic :wink:

thanks for your help :slight_smile: