Flashing a Hi-val (rebaged 1640)

Ok, so I just got me the rebaged benq 1640, and I’m having some problems flashing it to the 1640. I’ve tried bqflasher, but am having some issues w/ ASPI.

First off…do I replace the windows aspi with the nero aspi in /windows/system32? I’ve tried just placing the nero aspi it in the same folder as bqf, but no go.

So…if I can’t get bqf to work, can I use Windwflash using BEFB .cvt file to flash to BEFB and then flashing from that to BSLB?


Try the nero aspi in the same directory as the flasher - you can use WinDWFlash and the cvt to crossflash.

Get the CVT’s here:


Your link takes me to microsoft.com when I use firefox…
but takes me to the right place when I use IE…