Flashing a DVD+RW drive to a dual format drive ? - Could be!

I just posted the article Flashing a DVD+RW drive to a dual format drive ? - Could be!.

Dre used our newssubmit to tell us intresting information regarding the latest NEC drives. Rumors are that NEC is currently selling a DVD+R drive that is also able to write DVD-R discs, but this…

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HP!Why would i pay premium dollar for trash when i could pay have the price for ferrari!!!LITE-ON

Check the specs for the ND-1100A: http://www.nec.com.hk/cms/show.jsp?pid=4&cnid1=1591&type1=1&rhtID1=4 There is no word of +R and -R support. I think someone got the ND-1100 and ND-1300 confused.

In the user manual you can find a section called Writable Media, and it lists both DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) media.(4x 2x - 2.4x) Also stated are the DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W) write speeds and methods. (Unfortunately the document does not allow copy/pasting)

Actually, it is a little confusing because at one time the ND-1100 was supposed to be a dual format drive. Before the drive shipped though, NEC removed support for -R/RW media and then announced a totally new drive: the ND-1300. Now what I want to know is can you flash the ND-1100 to become a ND-1300?

Exactly, that’s what is so intresting about this…

So… has anyone got a sony? That seems to be the only +/- drive in the uk at the moment… Is that a rebadge?

It’s interesting, for those who own the HP 300i! If it uses NEC teqnologie then why would you buy the HP (about € 370) when you can buy the NEC 1100a (about € 275) when you know when you’re gonna install the NEC you are sure you can write dualformat!?! I know what I’m gonna do, wait for the Lite-On! :wink:

I bought the HP DVD300i for $180.00 US Dollars at Officemax. If you lived in the US you could have bought it for that price. My previous HP DVD200i I bought for $150.00 when it first came out. Hardly overpriced.

:8 Well, I’ve hunted for a good price on the hp300i and the best i can come up with is $299 at staples with a $50 dollar rebate. You point me to a $180 deal on this sucker and I’m all for it. Till then I’m stuck paying $225 for a Nec nd-1100a oem drive…:frowning: I’m in the US btw. Moondoggie

Just pulled my “Dell” DVD+R/W out, and sure, it’s an ND1100A too. Label similar to others but just says “DVD R/W”, no “+,-” etc. at all ! Just writes to “+” for now though. Any news on a flash ? :stuck_out_tongue: