Flashing a dvd drive 2500a

here is my delima and question
I have a dvd burn i want to flash
I do not have a second cd/dvd player and i do not have a floppy drive either.

that being said, here is my idea/question

is it possible to safely flash a dvd burn from inside a virtual pc using daemon tools as a virtual cd/dvd player (so as not to boot or use the burner before/during flashing)

I know I could do it, but would it be safe to do it that way?

the overall plan is to flash my nd-2500a nec to a nd-2510a using fw 2.06

also, does anyone know or heard of any problems with this… I would hate to render my 2500a when i could just buy a 2510a for $74 and have 2 drive to use.

but if ther hasn’t really been any problems doing this then i would rather save the money.

thnx in advance