Flashing a Benq dw1620 dvd burner

Hey guys, I have owned a Benq dw1620 burner for almost a year now, and I just came to learn something new that my friend told me. He said that the retail version has a better firmware, and said that I should update my firmware to that of a retail one (I have the OEM if you haven’t guessed).

Now he said that you needed some special program to get around this, so thats why I have come here to ask you guys if you have done this to your Benq burner or whatnot.

(sorry if this question has been asked a lot before or not)

you may want to read in Benq forum about BQ flasher, you will have to decide about it

Yep, been there done that. I have a Philips something or another (Dell OEM) that I cross-flashed to BenQ. I would suggest using the search function at the top of the screen, using the phrase BenQ 1620 crossflash… or something to that effect. From what I’ve read the B series firmware (retail) are better than the G series (OEM).

Well I crossflahsed the burner to the B series, but when I ran Nero CD-DVD Speed it gives me an error saying: http://static.flickr.com/40/121063737_5b2c745938_o.jpg

What should I do?

Well I tried again but this time with a different cd. And for that it didn’t seem to cause any problems (Warcraft III: Frozen Throne).

But why was it showing that error message on the dvd that I used?