Flashing A 2510A To Herrie's b5

Ok, I tried to do this, and it reported that it could not locate a 2500 unit. The system and all software recognize it as the 2510A.

What am I missing? (and yes, I did search the forum first!)

      --- DeathStalker


Figures, after reading countless posts, the next one I read after posting this tells me to just use the DOS Flasher. <sigh>

Guess I’ll give it a try tonight.

Yes, try under DOS.

I supose you have chosed wrong drive.
1. Open your computer
2. Find out where your drive is connected. If you have 2 IDE ports then you have 3 possibilities (I supose your hard disk is Primary Master :slight_smile: ):

  • Primary Slave (if you have only one 40/80pins cable between the mother board and the drives).

  • Secondary Master (then you have for sure 2 x 40/80pins cables). You must check the jumper settings on your DVD drive.

  • Secondary Slave. It’s the same as written above, just the jumpers are set to Slave.
    3. Under DOS (I supose you start with DOS Bootable diskette), deppends on your DVD configuration you write:

    Example: If your DVD drive is “Secondary Master”
    Command: NEC2x00a -sec -mas -flash [file]

Where NEC2x00a is the executable file(it could be something else); -sec means secondary; -mas means master; -flash is command that the DVD will be flashed; [file] is the name of your BIN file, for example you write 2500R221.BIN.
That’s it. :smiley:

You can check also the DVD configuration under windows (control panel - hardware settings - system). Then you don’t need to open the computer. :o

Hope this helps! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Check also this :bigsmile: .