Flashing a 108 to 1.14 question

I have flashed many drives but reading other post about problems flashing this drive I have questions.
I downloaded the firmware 1.14 directly from Pioneer and it has 2 files. An EXE and the .114 file.
Do I just put to a dos boot floppy and run the exe. Does it run in windows? there is no readme in the rar package. I have also been reading that some people use dvrflash 2.0. What is the purpose of that when the manufacture should provide the tools to flash the drive?

Pioneer’s flash tool, UPGDVD, works both in Windows and in DOS. DVRFlash is necessary for those who want to downgrade firmware, or flash using a modified firmware (UPGDVD doesn’t allow this). DVRFlash also lets you convert between OEM types of the same model.

The firmware page.com is such a mess. When I found the dvrflash 2.0 test (the last version I found) it says to read the instructions. WHERE???
When I found another post on how to flash it say to download the lastest version from a website, but it only had 1.2v on it.

They need to get their act together over at that site.

Yeah, >NIL: probably should update his page with a link to the DVRFlash 2.0 prerelease…

DVRFlash comes with a readme which should be sufficient info to figure out how to use DVRFlash.

I am probably just going to flash with the pioneer app. If I have problems because it is an OEM drive I will use dvrflash.