Flashing 32123S to 40125S with extracted .bin

I flashed previously using mtkflash with the XSU1.bin. Can the 32123S be flashed to 40125S with ZSxx using the nifty program that converts the exe to bin?

Has anyone tried this?

I flashed to ZS0N 32123S to 40125S. It flashed, the drive is now recognized as a 40125S, but it won’t let me put a cd in, blank or used. The drive opens and closes on it’s own 4 or 5 times and then sits there open.

I thought it might be too good to be true, and for now it is. Now, hopefully it will flash back to XS0X.

Anybody know why this didn’t work?

I flashed back to XS0X, no harm - no foul. I had a couple of thoughts that I would like to throw out there.

  • Prior to flashing, would it make a difference if I uninstall the 32123S in the device manager before shutting down?

  • Also, would it be better to flash to an earlier version of ZSxx and then use the LiteOn firmware exe utility from their site to update the firmware again to ZS0N?

I have no expertise in flashing, but I’m having a good time doing it. I have to go to the experts on this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I re-read the post on flashing the 32123S to XSU1 and I see there’s a reason why ZSxx won’t work for this drive (ZSxx is for 5 chipset, XSU1 3 chipset that the 32123S has). Don’t bother trying ZSxx cause it didn’t work.

That leads me back to XSU1. I didn’t back up my firmware XS0X, but it flashed back to it anyway. My drive is working fine as a 32123S, but I would really like Mt. Rainier.

I flashed with:


This seems to work to make it a 40125S, but my drive acted flaky when I tried to format with DirectCD (I know, I know), or when I attempted to burn anything else.

Before I try again, am I missing something that I should do before flashing with XSU1? Do I uninstall the drive in the control panel, or disconnect my Creative Labs CD Rom?

One last question. I saw a mention of 8 banks when flashing, but I could have sworn I only saw it go through 7 flashing to XSU1. Any ideas?


I hope you read the the thread about mtkflash. It is a sticky in the lite-on forum

there is no need to disconnect anything or disable something in windows, because you have to flash your drive in dos

Must read:

Thanks. That makes all makes sense, I was getting confounded and it was a thought that popped into my head.

Well it’s a moot point for me now. After 8 good flashes back and forth trying to get it to work, #9 got me. My a: drive decided to take a crap in the middle of a flash. As you can imagine, the green lite on my drive when being flashed is on permanently and my pc won’t read it in the bios as a CD drive or anything else. It, for all intents and purposes is dead. (That was in a sticky a sticky too, huh? - “The risks of OC’ng your drive”)

Oh well, My days of flashing are over… Farewell 32312S, now I have the opportunity to buy Mt. Rainier support. Who makes the best Mt. Rainier supporting drive out ther?

And please use the edit button next time, instead of making multiple posts !


don’t give up yet

in the sticky thread there is also help how to rescue your dead drive