Flashing 2 BenQ 1620's on Same IDE ribbon

I have a BenQ 1620 on sec mas and bought another 1620 and put it on sec slave for some testing purposes. When i try to flash the drive on sec slave i can’t do it. It always flashes the drive on sec mas. I’ve used WinDWflash with .cvt files and also the windows exe. flashers. Same result. Anyone know how i can flash it without having to take the one on sec slave out change jumpers etc. to flash it? I don’t want to put it on pri slave so don’t reply with those sugestions please. My reasons are my own lol If there’s no way to flash it without opening the case to change jumper etc. then oh well. I have been highlighting the drive i want to flash in the flashers. Happy Friday to all

Use the dangerous bros DOS flash util [v 1.1] - use appropriate switches from command-line or [easier] make a *.bat specifying sec slave - use [obv] from minimal clean DRDOS boot-floppy

Hrm…All the reading i’ve done here. 6 months or so and i feel like an idiot for not thinking of that :o Thanx shoarthing