does any one no how to set up flashget…when i do a download and its done it says this…the download is either in unknow format or damage…the other ones that i tryed do the same thing…thanks…

With most flash grabbers you have to right click the download link and “Save Target As” and when the download box comes up you have to add a space and then .flv to the file name. the file name should the look like this. getvideo .flv. The “get video” may be different but must be followed by a “space” then “period” then "flv"
Try using [B]IVC.[/B] I’ve found it the best for me and it’s free. Link
Then get [B]VLC[/B] media player to play them. You can also use [B]IVC[/B] to convert them to almost any format.
Link to VLC