Flashfix: Looking for beta testers

There’s a new beta version of Flashfix.
We’re looking for testers willing to give it a try and report results. Owners of DVD writers are specially welcome.
The risk is not higher than with any flash operation, meaning there’s always some risk and it’s all yours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Download hereor at the Flashfix home page

And report here please :smiley:

Much appreciated! :cool:

Has anyone used this yet?

@Mango, what are the improvements in this new version of Flashfix?
Any changelog?
IMHO, since the version I have works perfectly, I see no reason to test a new ‘beta’ version with no known enhancements… :confused:

edit: by the way, thank you very much for this util :bigsmile:

I used it to flash my LDW-811S which had HS0K on it to the 4KUS HSG8 firmware downloaded from www.4kus.com.tw

@dhc014, interesting, are you trying to substantiate easy-going-mans’ claim that this OEM firmware improves Princo burns? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I just wanted to try the new FlashFix, and this was the perfect way :cool:

Thanks dhc014, very useful report that! Much appreciated :cool:

@wesociety: Whatever Flashfix does it won’t improve your drive performance. It either fixes the firmware utility to agree to flash your drive or not. Flashfix will NEVER change any byte which is going to be written to the drive.

The new version is to improve compatibility with newest firmware versions and different drives/systems combinations.

Being a beta testers is a bit of a public service. Most people will sit and wait till it’s all sorted out for them by others, but there’s a small minority which is brave enough and social enough to chip in for the benefit of all the rest.

Dale (the author) and I can only test on the drives we have between us, which is only a couple…


An apology for communication hassle:

It so happened that about the same time I posted this request for beta testers, RPC1.ORG began a process of switching to a new server. If I knew it will coincide I would have waited a day or two.

As a result, my site was sometimes not accessible and might still be so at some parts of the world.
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

While I’m at it, I’d like to add that the new mail server uses an anti spam service called TMDA
When you mail me you will get an auto-reply which you have to confirm or the message will not get through. All you have to do is use the Reply feature of your mail program and send it back as it is. You only have to do it once. The next time you write, the server will remember you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your cooperation :cool:

@Mango, yes I understand the functions of Flashfix.
Thank you for pointing out the new versions improvements (compatibility). That is all that I was wondering…
And yes I do understand the public service of ‘beta’ testing.
Please send my thanks to Dale for making this great util.