Flashed w/ wrong firmware

I screwed up & flashed my Sony crx216e with the firmware of my Lite-On 411.

The drive is still recognized as the Sony but the Sony flash tool sees it as having the HSOR firmware of the Lite-On.

Is there any way to repair this in windoes or using this method (thanks!):

-download a dos 6.22 bootdisk
-when you have a ntfs partition download NTFSDOS
-make a bootdisk running the boot622.exe; unzip the ntfsdos file to the diskette, if there is not enough space take a new one.
-download the Dangerous Brothers 0758 fw file and mtkflash180.1
-make a new dir on C:
-extrakt the fw and mtkflash in this dir
-if the burner is not recogniced when booting the pc disconnect and connect a other dvd-rom
-reboot your pc with the bootdisk
-change the device
-run ntfsdos.exe (it can be that your c: is located as d:)
-open the directory in which are the fw files (c:\FW or d:\fw when c is located as d)
-flash the drive using the string MTKFLASH X W /M fw.bin
X is a number 1=primary master
2=primary slave
3=secondary master
4=secondary slave

Dr. C