Flashed to LiteOn 1653s and it worked, but now it doesn't anymore

Hey friends , the thing is that I have a LIte on sohw 1613 originally , but it didn’t want to record on 16x DVD’s. The thing is that I upgraded it to 1653s and it worked well. Now , just one day after the good progress and it doesn’t want to record a whole dvd , always has a problem. What can your suggestions bring eh? I tried the backup tools , and tried to put it on default settings with all programs provided here but nothing. Thanks for your time

Could you provide a little more information on your setup. Mainly the following:

1.) What IDE interface is this drive on and what other devices are on that IDE interface.

2.) Are there any other programs running when you try to burn? Anti-virus or other applications.

3.) When you make a DVD Backup are you taking an image off the hard drive or off a DVD reader drive?

4.) How are you making a backup copy? What software are you using?

5.) What media are you using? Have you tried different media?

Well hi friend , the thing is that it is also connected to a dvd\cdr combo and the dvd writer that has the problem is in master. The thing is that the problems just came one day after the firmware upgrade. Before , all was good. I use programs like 1 click dvd and dvd fab , depending on the kind of dvd’s i’m trying to copy. Also i have turned on anydvd and dvd ghost , to get those protections out while copying the dvd’s. As I said , my liteon dvd writer was originally sohw 1613 and I upgraded it to 1653 to make it copy to 16x dvd-r’s. Thanks for your attention!

P.S. Now the dvd writer is always flashing , and has the same problem , now it doesn’t compy anything.

the thing was that it always had a problem (my liteon cd/dvd writer , sohw 1613 , now 1653 , upgraded). The problem was with the program nero 7. When you are going to record in nero , always put priority in high , by putting it in a lower priority , it will do a failure to copy , so that was all , so go ahead guys , upgrade your firmware and be sure it’s the same one you are looking for , don’t try to do a big mistake on doing it or you’ll be sorry ok, take care!!