Flashed to Lite-on ihas624

Just flashed to a Ihas624 from the asus (?) drive I bought from Newegg last month, I originally flashed to ihas424, saw the upgrade on CodeKing and flashed it, now the drive keeps blinking. I know this is a common problem, just don’t know the procedure. Any help greatly appreciated.

I hope it was the same model as in my sig. Other wise you wasted your time.
c/p: Open the EEPROM Utility and go to the Crossflash tab. Use the Convert Drive function to complete the crossflash. After the EEPROM Utility finished, turn the computer off .
Once you Turn on again. You’ll notice that the drive will not blink continuously any more and it will of course be identified as an iHAS624 A That’s it, you’re done! Congratulations, now you’ve got a proper iHAS624 A drive.

Thunder, thanks a million , worked like a charm.