Flashed Sony DRU-530A to RPC1, only two chagnes remaining

Ok, I had a DRU-530A shipped with 1.0d , RPC2 firmware with five region sets remaining.

I flashed it with an unofficial 2.0C RPC1 firmware and it read two remaining. I set the region code to region 1 and now it says only one change remaining. I thought it gave me an unlimited region change. Was it a mistake for me to even set the region? What do I do now… :confused:

The drive itself is region free now, but there are other region counters in software on your computer. You’re looking at the Windows Region Counter. You can use DVD Region Killer or DVD Genie to work around the software counters.

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If it is indeed the Windows Region Counter, why did it jump from 5 to 2? The drive had never been assigned a region since it was bought. I flash it with new firmware, three coutns just goes away. I don’t understand!. I still feel like I screwed up my drive beyond change.

What are the fallbacks of RPC1 flashed drives over factory RPC2 firmware? If my drive develops a legitimate mechanical problem, could I flash it back with factory firmware and expect to have warranty honored?

Because Windows seems to do that when a drive goes from region protected to region free… I can’t tell you why.