Flashed SDW-431S(X) with wrong 411 Firmware. How can i fix it?


i missflashed my Liteon SDW-431S from my Acer Notebook with a patched Liteon 411 Firmware from Omnipatcher. Since then its shown as 411 (in bios too) and doesnt work any more. The original 431S Firmware (compressed/scrambled Installer) MS0k.exe from official liteon page cannot be flashed any more. It says something like “cant flash, contact your vendor”.
Is there any possibility to get back to 431s, maybe with mtkflash or omnipatcher or something in doze? I havent found any binary for the 431s drive ummmm.

Please help!!! :confused:

So i finally found a ms0k.bin firmware file for my Liteon 431S(X).

I found in google cache it`s placed on http://codeguys.rpc1.org/temp/MS0K.rar, but i didnt find it in the download section, would you pls link it to there?

So im going to try the bin file with mtkflash soon, hope it will work!

hmmm im pissed :confused:

I now have my real dos and tried mtkflash 3 w /b /m ms0k.bin, but the system keeps hanging then with the line MTKFLASH by Joseph…(Ver 1.55) and nothing happens!

Do i need to use other params? Or doesnt it work with Liteon 431S(X) Drives??? Aaaaah… :bow:

ok ive fixed it! did work only with mtkflash 1.80

pls close or delete this thread thx

No need to close or delete this thread, it will surely help others who might run into a similar situation. mtkflash 1.61 or higher is required for Liteon DVD Burners IIRC. 1.80 is teh best choice.