Flashed NEC 2500a to region free - question about ripping speeds


I have just flashed my 2500a with the firmware I unzipped from ‘2500R106’ download. It has made by drive region free, but ripping seems slow…

Currently ripping at a little over 3500kb/s.

Should it he higher than this? Am I right in thinking this is a little over 4 speed?

I was somewhat confused about firmware upgrading… I hope I chose the right one…

I tried the one entitled V106RPC1 but this did not work, I clicked on the nec2x00a and nothing happened.

Are there two different firmwares, one for ripspeed and one for region free? Or should one do both?

Thanks for your help.

if it’s a single layer disc it should be about 6-12x.

If it’s a dual layer disc it’s lower, not sure as I’m running the official firmware, probably 3-6X or 4-8X.

DVDR/RW and dual-layer are 8x max, CAV.