Flashed ND-5500A USB with nonUSB HELP!


I live in china and have what appears to be a LENOVO ND-5500A USB drive. But I took it apart and under the IBM sticker is another sticcker with the label scratched off… so I cant be sure. I flashed the 1.5 version with another 1.5 version, and it works when connected to my dodular bay/ide, however not when I connect it back to the external usb box/connector… when I do that its no longer detected … I have searched and cant find a USB firmware… I cant even be sure that this drive is a true nd-5500A or a nd-5100 rebadged drive…

Please help me get this working again externally… Im a teacher and need it… thanks…

Could really need some help here… cant seem to find any usb firmware

There is no such thing as a “usb firmware”.

That usb connector is crap or just dead.

Yeah if your drive works while hooked up via IDE or internally then it is a goos drive you have a problem elseware like chef said in your external hookups.