Flashed My Sony VRD-VC20 w/ WRONG DRU-720A Firmware

Okay I used to own the Sony DRU-720A. I recently replaced it with the Sony VRD-VC20. I was looking on the Sony Downloads Website, and by accident navigating to the DRU-720A downloads, downloaded the firmware and installed it. Later to see that the drive no longer was recognized as a DVD burner. Only then I saw…crap I flashed the drive with the wrong firmware.

Now it works as burning as both were DVD burners. But I just feel the need to have the correct model firmware on it. It’s JYC4, I believe but I may be wrong. I can’t find JYC4, but I have a firmware update, if that’s worth anything. Either way, are there any suggestions? :confused: Thanks.

Okay I found the JYC4 firmware on some chinese site. Installed it, but my computer no matter how many times I’ve disconnected and uninstalled drivers through device manager, sees the drive still as DRU-720A not VRD-VC20. Anyone have any ideas?

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I’m not familiar with the Sony VRD-VC20, but my [I]guess[/I] would be that there a Sony DRU-720A inside to write cd/dvd’s. The hole system is named Sony VRD-VC20, and the cd/dvd burner has always been a Sony dru-720a, with that id-string.

Have you actually seen the id-string vrd-vc20, before flashing to dru-720a.

If I can recall, yes.

But is it that of a coincidence that the DVD burner I owned before is the same used internally? I know that it is definetley some DVD burner in there, but as the same one as before that’s why I was a little bit confused. If it was like some other model, I might have said oh yeah, VRD-VC20 b/c it does camcorder etc. But maybe I’ll check around to see.

Well I believe you are correct! When you go to the downloads page of sonystorage, they show you a picture for the drivers. I didn’t download the 720A, I downloaded 720UL, I owned the UL before, the external (which i thought I had) not internal. So now if I see correctly, never paid attention I believe the UL changed to A now. So since now it can actually read DVDs (before it couldn’t) I think it’s fixed!