Flashed my NEC ND 3520A, burned DVD's are unreadable on my NEC DV 5700A now

There are two NEC DVD drives in this computer.
I flashed the ND 3520A original firmware, version 1.04 to the firmware version 1.25, wanted to keep it under NEC firmware. Binflash is a great tool…
Now the DVD-R’s that I have burned are unrecognizable to my DVD Rom, a NEC DV 5700A. I use only Verbatim 8X DVD-R’s for the widest compatibility with my other DVD players in the house. The DVD’s can be read by the ND 3520A though, so the writing is sucessful. I am using Nero Express version for all the burning.
I checked both drives with DISC Info version 1.5.5, they are compatable with DVD-R discs.
My questions would be, (1) Did I change the format of the DVD’s I write now that I went to the 1.25 firmware???
(2) How can I set the ND 3520A to burn in a compatible format with the DV 5700A???
(3) How can you tell what format a disc is burned in??? (Sorry for the Newbie question)
I have tried for days to upgrade the firmware on the DV 5700A, but it will not take any other firmware.
Thank you in advance to all who answer my questions.

Computer is a P4 2.53
ASUS P4S8X-X Motherboard
1024 PC 2700 Ram
Radeon AIW 9800 Pro

Try using Dee firmware.

go here and see if this helps.
If your talking about the UDF format that makes dvd’s play with compatibility,I use dvd info pro.
You have to use nero to set the UDF format.I believe it’s a stock 1.02.New version is 1.05.
Most likely it’s the older dvd-rom you have but if you check and your UDF is not 1.02,just go to Nero burning Rom and click on “DVD-ROM(UDF)”.

Thanks Nosmartz, you got me moving in the right direction. I flashed the DV 5700A with the last good firmware, version 1.91 in hopes that it would start reading my Verbatim 8X DVD’s. Didn’t work…
So I know it reads my Maxell 4X DVD’s. So I will have to look for slower DVD’s and buy a new DVD Rom soon.
I saw on the thread that the ASUS ones were good. Anyone have any opinions on which DVD Rom to buy with the widest compatibility out there???


aOpen 1648 (probably the best right now) $25 here in the states.
toshiba 1912