Flashed my Liteon today!

Okay all,

Today I flashed and patched my stock standard LDW851S to SOHW 832-S VS08 under advisement. I have had a LOT of trouble previously burning to RITEKG04 -R and have has much more success with RITEKR03 +R. Today I decided to experiment a little to compare the two types of media. Now I admit I used KProbe at MAX speed and I had the Realtime Chart operating. What normally happens when I burn to -R media is that I get a few '‘pauses’ in the finished DVD, (no lock-ups but still annoying when it happens 6 times or so during the same movie).

So, using OmniPatcher, I have optimised my Liteon for RITEKR03 +R applying the suggested tweaks, etc. I burnt 2 movies. Below is the result of the upgraded Liteon using a -R followed by my +R media burn

I have viewed neither of these burnt DVD’s as yet. Do you think there will be a significant difference in either burn? Which one would you consider to be the most successful? (I find the interpretation a little confusing myself :))

Appologies if this makes little sence. I’m ‘half-cut’ as I type

You should rescan @ 4x and hopefully the spikes will disappear the 205 and 208 PIF look a bit sus but they most likely will play ok. :wink:

Okay…update on the burn. Watched both DVD’s tonight. The -R was screwed in several places as usual, (pausing/pixelation), but the + R was perfect with not a glitch.