Flashed Memorex 52x to LiteOn 52x with MtkwinFlash with 6..will that cause a problem?

Hey i Got the Memorex 52x from OfficeDepot. which i know is a liteon. it had the firmware version 6WS3.

So i wanted to change it to a lite-on and i searched the forums and then say that you would have to use flashfix to upgrade the firmware. anywhoo i try to find flashfix but could not locate it…but for some reason i thought that MtkWinFlash was flashfix.

so anywhoo i flashed my the drive to MtkWinFlash. all flashed well i think…i do get confirmation that the drive is a Lite-on 52x.

and it burns well to…but the thing is that i did a Nero Cd Speed test. and when i does the speed test the drive initially starts up at 24x then suddenly looses speed and goes down to 3x writing speed…for a about 10sec then from there gradually goes back up. until it reacheas about 40x then agian it starts skipping and goes up and down.

My question is. do u think that

the question ends…??
try posting some more info!
It will work fine as a Lite-On.

It might be prudent to reflash it but in dos mode with mtkflash and a lite-on firmware bin file 6s0a or 6s0c

If it aint broke, don’t fix it!! :wink: