Flashed from NU tech ddw163 to benq 1620 disc quality program?

I just flashed by Nu tech ddw163 to the benq 1620. How can I do a disc quality scan? What program do I need? I tried doing it on nero dvd speed but its not letting me.

Does anyone here have a rebadged Benq 1620 who is able to do disc quallity scans?

Do you get a error or what? Have you downloaded the latest cd/dvd speed tool from here. a bit more info would hurt! :confused:

I flashed my Nu tech ddw163 to the B7T9 firmware…and since its been flashed as a benq drive shouldnt I be able to do quality scans on my burned discs? I opened up cd/dvd speed and tried doing a quality scan but it is not allowing me to press the start button. Is there a seperate program asside from nero speed that I can use to do my scanning?

i flashed my NU rebadge and i can do quality scans with cd/dvd speed just fine

Which version of Nero do you have, if you run the Nero Info Tool, do you see conficts.
Have you installed vd/dvd sppedtool from my link in the earlier post?

I will try that link. I’m at work right now. Thanks for the response!!

I’ve should inform your boss. :bigsmile: Let us know if it works and post a scan please…