Flashed DW800A now is dead? Help!



Hi all, yes I’m a newbie I think I screwed myself pretty bad, I followed this link


and flashed my dw800a with the B5N7 firmware, now it doesn’t even show up in windows explorer or on my device manager, what is even worse is the external LED that showed green before, now shows red. Please help!


Is the drive still detected by the bios ? Does the drive still open the tray when you press the button ?
Take the DOS flasher from the same site and try to flash back your original firmware version. You have to boot from a DOS bootdisk for this operation.


Hi, the tray won’t open and it isn’t detected on windows, ok i’ll try the dos flash, thanks, any other help would be much appreciated


Is the drive still detected by the bios ?
If the drive still reacts on the dos flasher but refuses to flash, you might need a compressed version of the previous firmware. TDB might have one on their site to get back from 822 -> 800.


how would I check if the drive is detected through bios? it’s actually connected to an external case through usb


You have to get it out of the external case and to connect it directly to the on board ide controler. This step is also neccessary to flash it from dos.


what bootdisk should I use? I tried the NTFS one but can’t seem to load up c:\ ?


You need a DOS bootdisk with the flash utl and f/w on it…


Did you ever see if it shows up in the bios when its connected to an IDE?


Check out section #3.
There is some decent info on flashing and it includes a link for a boot disk and other utilities you might need.