Flashed A Lite On Shw-160ps6u By Accident With Sosw-852s Firmware



Help , I flashed the said above drive SHW-160P6SU by accident with the FIRMWARE,it locked up when processing,nowthe light on front stays on the drive is dead,is not recognizedin device manager, There a dos tool I could reflash it on computer with, and willIhaveto buy a portable floppy disk player.I gets worse the SOSW-852S does not readcds well,this is why I wasflashing it ,but wasvery fatigued andflashed the wrong drive SHW-160P6SU which was only one day old!!! :sad: Ive been searching for some kindof utility to fixit with!!! Please help. I have allready told Lite-On about it.


You can use MKFLASH, I believe, but only the DOS version will be able to pull back a “dead” drive like this, so yes, I’m afraid you’ll need a floppy drive.


On a fairly modern computer USB memory stick will also do the trick to boot in pure doze and flash from there. :slight_smile:


You need the XSF DOS flasher as mtkflash does not support the drive and its 2 MB firmware files.


WHat commands would be used for Windows 98 flash, as the dead drive was on a Xp 64 bit computer.The drive is not listed and when I hot swap them before I swapthe drives the good drive is listed in a single window after i swap I either get a four window XSF or a single window with Checksum 0000.