Flashed 851s to 812s help



hi people
although it still works fine, i flashed the original firmware back, which worked ok, but my drive is still labled as 812s.
any ideas how to restore it.
many thanks


If it is still identified as an 812S, then you did not flash back to an 851S firmware. Try again using LtnFW or mtkflash and a binary.


before flashing, i made a backup using LtnFW.
thats what i flashed back, but it is still showing 812s.
in case my backup is corrupt, can you tell me where to get a binary.


Originally posted by boss126
can you tell me where to get a binary

See dhc014’s signature. :wink: And remember to check update bootcode when flashing back to the 851.


many thanks guys.
just out of interest, with the 812s firmware, what issues are there regarding using it on 851s, as i noticed it enabled 8x dvd-r.
would it have worked?
once again thanks for your help.


Originally posted by boss126
would it have worked?