Flashed 2500a with herries 2.16. Will read but won't burn. Help please

This is a model 2500A that I succesfully flashed with herrie’s 2.16 (2510216.bin).

The drive is on second IDE, set as slave in BIOS - Cable Select on drive jumper. Plextor 712A DVD +/- RW is also on second IDE, Cable Select, set as master drive in BIOS.

The drive will read fine using DVDXCopy Platinum (last ripper version) or Nero

Media is RICOHJPNR01 (+R, 4x)


The drive won’t write when it’s asked to. No error messages, just doesn’t respond to an introduced blank DVD, or any of the the software write commands. The software is not aknowledging the blank DVD at all.

System info software and windows see the firmware update. The drive was functioning just fine with the factory 1.07 firmware. Are there any other settings I need to tweak to fully enable herrie’s 2.16 FW?

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

System info:
Win XP Home OS
P4 2.66
120 GB Seagate HD
Nvidia video graphics card

not sure if it matters, but i don’t think you’re meant to use cable select when you’re flashing firmwares etc.

My system is set up for Cable Select IDE with 80 wire. I’ve set it up as per manufacture instructions and it’s worked fine like that for weeks now, doing everyting it’s been asked to do by the mentioned software. The BIOS has been told which is slave and master. When I installed Herrie’s 2.16, I used command line: nec2x00A.exe -sec -sla -flash 2510216.bin, and it installed and was verified succesful. FW now reads “2.16” where it used to read “1.07.”

Does the 2.16 not allow for this kind of setup?

Well, a couple of reboots set everything right. Drive is now functioning fine with DVD XCopy Platinum and Nero software. Read speeds have increased which is what I was after, along with the Ritek dual layer abilities. Resulting image quality is excellent. Writing mode seems to spool up in a smoother, more transitional way than the factory firmware.

Thanks for the help, and thanks go to Herrie!