Flashed 1655 with wrong firmware



i used BQFlasher 0.7.2 and flashed the drive with the 1640 firmware [i also have a 1640 drive.] is there any flsher to flash the
1655 with the correct firmware again? if so, then please post the link and also if there is any special procedures that is to be
followed for flashing the drive, unlike the usual flshing method. thank u.


Why can’t you just use BQFlasher with the latest 1655 firmware from Benq?


the drive dosent show up during the motherboard bios post/settings screen or in windows, that why, or for that matter in
BQFlasher/other flashers!


are you saying you flashed your 1655 with 1640 firmware?

i hate to say it, but you may have killed the drive.

if it’s not showing up during post I have no idea what to tell you. i’m sure there are some people that have experience with voodoo ways of bringing drives back from bad flashes, but i don’t know how reliable all of the methods are.

maybe a search would help while you’re waiting for a response? but i would definitely prepare for the worst.

this is exactly why people are always warned to be very careful when flashing!

you might be able to play dumb and return it to a retail store, but if anyone technically inclined is there you’re screwed because crossflashing firmware automatically voids the warranty


Yeah, looks like you might be sunk. Really, you should only use BQFlasher when you want to force a crossflash. After that you can use the official flashers which won’t overwrite the wrong drives.


Pinto2 flashed his 1640 with the 1655 firmware and killed it dead. If your drive no longer shows up at POST it’s not going to show up at the OS level either. You may try the benqcvt.exe DOS flasher with a BCDB.cvt extraction (do a search, they’re both here somewhere) in a true DOS environment. However, in my -limited- experience, if your drive won’t respond to POST queries at startup, you killed it.


Don’t take this the wrong way, I do feel bad for you but mistakes happen, just thank goodness this didn’t happen 3 years ago when drives cost 250.00, you can now replace a drive for 40.00USD, just chaulk it up to experience and be more careful. I really don’t think there is much you can do.


If the drive doesnt show up in the BIOS or POST then i’m almost certain that its dead. Sorry to tell you. You will most likely need to return it.

Only use an Unoffcial flasher when cross flashing drives that are known to work. Just use normal .exe firmwares to make sure there are no accidents.


i hope you bought this from a B&M retail store (not very knowledgeable people working in most)

just bring it back, play dumb, and say “i followed all of the instructions, but this drive wouldn’t work at all”

hopefully they buy the story, you get a new drive, and you’ll pay attention when you’re flashing firmware from now on!


Here is another brother joining the Pilgrims Of RMA Despair!
L’Arc-en-Ciel you are not alone my friend. Did you buy the drive online, or from a store? In most cases you should be able to play dumb like reasonsnotrules said, and just give it back saying that it was dead when you plugged it in. If the drive is not recognized by the BIOS you should be pretty safe sayng that, the drive would have to go back to the manufacturer for diagnostics for them to know that it was a due to a bad flash (and this won’t happen because the costs of doing so for every faulty drive is prohibiting). If they don’t allow you a replacement or refund threaten them with Trading Standards (if you are in the UK), or its equivalent in your country, there must be at least some consumer rights group that regulates the market and safeguards your statutory rights in most western countries. If you are in the UK and you need help on what to say to them, let me know, I’ve had to do this quite a few times and managed to get refunds/exchanges every time. Good luck.


Claim it never worked and RMA it :iagree:


The people at the B&M store or at BenQ didn’t break the drive, and when you crossflash a drive (even by mistake) you lose any right to warranty - even a moral right IMO.

I suggest that L’Arc-en-Ciel, and any other who might break their drive in this way, simply take responsibility for their actions and buy a new drive! :cool:


Get a second one and flash using hot-plugging in REAL DOS!!!

You maybe could give the lifesaver drive back then…


thakx every 1, i had a pretty good idea that it might not work, as it dosent show up inbios post theres really no way
of flashing it again to the right formware. but as reasonsnotrules have mentioned, ive also read about recovering
from bad flashes, so i figured id give it a try. well, i was flashing with the bqflasher coz i had a cvt file, but accidentally
clicked on bsob [1640] instead of bcdb, but since then ive but “1620.”, “1640.” or “1655.” in front of any
firmware/app/flasher that only work with specific models. again thanx guys.

EDIT: looks like i posted too soon, ill give chef’s idea a try b4 doing anything. thankx for the idea man. btw will
bqflasher work in dos, if not is there another flasher that will work in dos and 1640 and 1655? thankx.


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry to see your problem here. Dos flasher to be found here. BENQ/PHILIPS CVT version 1.01 for dos. You must boot into true dos for this.
You’ll need .cvt file, take a look here for f/w link if you need it.


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If L’Arc-en-Ciel bought that drive from a small shop whose owner buys a few units from a wholesaler to sell retail, then yes, he shouldn’t give it back, he should accept his loss. It’s not right in that case because that shop owner will pick up the tab. But huge online stores or computer supermarkets don’t operate like that. They buy in bulk, and the contracts they have drawn with their suppliers have clauses safeguarding them against returns under guarantee. Ultimately, it’s the manufacturer that will pick up the tab for L’Arc-en-Ciel’s drive, and that manufacturer is already VERY, VERY rich.

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Suggestion to return a drive that has been crossflashed using unofficial firmware or flasher is morally not appreciated. If you killed the drive after a flash or crossflash with an unofficial firmware or flasher, do not RMA the drive – buy a new one!

L’Arc-en-Ciel: let us know if you can manage to restore the drive.


Yes Corporations are greedy. so what. How does this justify advising someone to lie ? A bad flash has killed a drive - tough - buy a new one


I must say I’m shocked to see criminal behavior advocated openly.

I must thank those who have expressed their disapproval. I was starting to lose what little faith in humanity I have left.


I agree DrageMester. :iagree:
I’m not a crusader, but I see some double standards going on in this thread.
Many of us have bashed posters asking for a software hack, or a fix for their hacked software when it quits working when a new revision comes along.
Returning a drive that you have killed, isn’t any different than hacking someones software to get around having to buy it.
And as for the big business employing people from 3rd world countries and paying and treating them badly, we have all effectively added to that problem when we buy a product made in those countries, but no one’s crying about drives being cheap…
Just my opinion :rolleyes: