Flashed 16102B as 163 opps!

Hi, I by accident gave the wrong location in mtkflash (2 instead of 4) and flashed my 16102B with a 163 firmware. I have been trying every trick in the book with the info from this site but without luck. Can anyone tell me if such a flash renders the 16102B completely useless or is still a small chance.

If the entire eprom is trashed, isn’t there some way to re-program it or is it physically damaged?. If it’s a question of data damage then it must be possible to re-burn it. A liteon secret perhaps?



Well, what someone said is this:
if “Erase Eprom” is ever used in that one program…Wses or something, the drive is dead forever. But Eeprom isn’t the same as firmware.

If the drive isn’t recognized, and the computer won’t POST, some people said that you could unplug the Power cable for it, power on, then plug the cable back in before flashing (although some PSU’s will detect a power anamoly and shut down).

what happens when you try to flash it again, exactly?

Yes thank you for the reply,

The only tools I have used are Windows Liteon flasher and mktflash with binary firmwares - nothing else.

I to upgraded my LTD163 with mktflash sucessfully and somehow my 16102B as slave on the 2nd IDE bus was affected in a way that it was recognized in BIOS and windows but wouldn’t fire up and spin a CD as a drive would normally do. All programs that used that drive and worked fine before eg. Nero stated that there was no media in the drive.

I mktflashed the 16102B back to OS0B but this time it spat CD’s out immediately. Any other firmware version will keep the CD in but not fire up. After reading every posting I could find in the net about this problem, it seems to me that there is a Liteon issue when using 2 Liteon devices and mktflash. I have tried almost every combination of solutions except the one that someone hopefully vab help me with - I refuse to beleive that it is dead as BIOS and windows cab find it.

There must be some way of doing a forced flash in the event that an electronic switch in a chip sticks or something along those lines.