Flashdrive question



I am trying to put a 4.5G movie on a 32G flash drive. I keep getting a message that the file is too large for the drive. Am I doing something wrong?
Any help appreciated. T.I.A


The flash drive is almost certainly formatted using FAT32, which has a 4GB file size limit.

The easiest solution (if you are using Windows) is to re-format it using extFAT as the file system. (Using the normal formatting method - right-click on drive etc.)

Windows Vista onwards has built-in support for extFAT and there is an update from Microsoft for XP.


Ibex is correct, but that isn’t the whole truth.

In order to put a file larger than 4 GB on your flash drive, it has to be formatted in something other than FAT32; e.g. exFAT or NTFS. The better choice depends on where/how you’re going to use that flash drive.

Some TVs and media players will support one but not the other, and sadly some will support neither.

So where (in what/which devices) will you have to use that flash drive?


True enough. many devices support nothing other than FAT16/32. If that’s the case just split the file into 2 chunks and play them in sequence.


Format is for ExFAT.