Flash your Lite-On 24103S/32123S to a 40125S - New!

I just posted the article Flash your Lite-On 24103S/32123S to a 40125S - New!.

An user of our forum called Maik has posted a firmware on his site that allows you to flash your Lite-On 24103S/32123S to a 40125S. Several people (also two of our moderators/experts) have already…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4530-Flash-your-Lite-On-24103S_32123S-to-a-40125S---New.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4530-Flash-your-Lite-On-24103S_32123S-to-a-40125S---New.html)

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Has anyone checked to see if it actually saves time. I mean, does it just say it’s burning faster, or does it actually get the job done quicker?

Of course is it done quicker. Follow the thread in our LiteOn-Forum if you want to know more :slight_smile:

The firmware update does work. It’s like a new CD-Writer: 40x write, 40x CD-RW read and 48x CD-R read. :d The main feature I tested is Mount Rainer support and that worked. The previous firmware didn’t support this. The time it takes to write a CD is roughly the same (it detects my 40x media as 32x) and there is one other noticeable change: The CD write process doesn’t keep pausing for the CD Writer to speed up as the writer now uses PCAV instead of Zone-CLV. :wink: I.e. the writen CD doesn’t have those visible ‘write zones’ like CDs it previously wrote. Be sure to read the forum on how to backup & update the firmware. Finally power off & on the PC instead of rebooting it: Nero will not work otherwise.

good work, the next step would be to programme a firmware to update a mediatek chipset 5 to the chipset 6, da new one gräfdig

I’m one happy guy now. When I bought my drive, I was not happy to hear that others had the 32x “W” version which was overclockable, and that I had the “S” version, which wasn’t. This makes it all good :9

It looks like Liteon are making good business. My Liteon supports every CD-R & CD-RW I tried. They’re good for backing up copy protected CDs. They’re much cheaper than most other brands; if not the cheapest and most liteons can be upgraded to a faster performing drive by simply upgrading the firmware! :d Anyone asking me what type of CD writer should they should get. I just show them a ‘Liteon’. :wink:

Ok i downloaded a bin file. What do i do with it?

@seanbyrne: LiteOn has one big disadvantage: it can’t copy protected audio cd’s. That’s why i bought a yamaha crw-f1, because i want to rip audicd’s. I hope that the new mediatwk chip can copy audioprotections! Has anyone info about that?

There were two things that put me off going for a Yamaha CD burner. The main one being double the cost of most other writers (I’m a student :(). I seen that it does ‘Audio Master’ writing, but I rarely write Audio CDs. I buy the occasional album and so far haven’t bought a copy protected CD yet. :wink: The second is that it really dislikes low quality & scratched CDs. A mates Yahama CD-RW drive drive had difficulty ripping my UB40 CD that never had problems before. It has a few light scratches and never gave any trouble in my any other CD-ROM, CD burner or Hi-Fi. :slight_smile: http://www.cdfreaks.com/document.php3?Doc=88&Page=7