Flash with wrong firmware



I flash my Optiarc AD-7240S with the wrong firmware, flashed it with the firmware optiarc AD7260S found on the site Liggy’s and Dee’s. My DVD burner is still recognized in windows 7 64 bits, but do nothing. Binflash won’t flash the original firmware from the 7240S back. Got message “firmware is for different drive”.
Tried to flash under DOS, but won’t work. Don’t see any DVD burner. Motherboard with X58 chipset.
Is there a way to flash my DVD burner with the original firmware?
Yes i know, i do something stupid! But is was late, want to sleep and did this to fast, without good thinking.
I hope someone gan help me.



Usually Binflash will not allow flashing a 7260S firmware to a 7240S drive without a couple of tricks - and even then you probably wouldn’t be able to burn a disc.

When you get the error message “firmware is for a different drive” you should also see “Identified drive” and “detected drive from firmware”. Which numbers are shown there?


at Liggy:
When i’am home tonight (now at my work), i post the error message.
Thanks that you will help me.


At Liggy:
This is the error message in Binflash:
Identified drive: 89 - 3032
Detected drive from Firmware: 77



Are you really sure that your drive was an AD-7240S before? In this case you must have updated your drive’s bootcode as it now identifies with a regular AD-7260S bootcode and will only accept 7260S firmwares. If you updated the bootcode try to get help from where you found the bootcode flasher if you didn’t do this, your drive has always been a 7260S.


At Liggy:
You are right. I pull out de burners of the pc and they are 7260S.
They sit on the motherboard in SATA and set like the hard disks as AHCI. Is that the reason they do strange?



depending on the chipset and drivers, AHCI mode [I]might [/I]cause problems with optical drives.



Monday with the hole PC to the shop. They test the burners today and they are OK. Back home put the burners in the PC, start up with minimum configuration of PC. Put back new windows on the hard disk. Still the same problem ( read and burn cd, read DVD-ROM, no read DVD-R or DVD+R, no read of burned DVD).
In the PC shop they think its a compatible problem between the hardware.


Problem OK, change the Optiarc SATA burners for LG IDE burners.