Flash with cd-r

does anyone know how to flash the 1108IM using a cd-r? i created a bootable cd with the dos version of the B030 firmware. when i start up my computer it goes into DOS :sad: by i dont know what to do next. please help me.

I didn’t know that was even possible with PC drives…

I only ever did that with my APEX home player. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome around the forums,

Flashing from cd-r should work also (I’ve tried it with my 1108IM). But you


boot and flash from a other CD/DVD-ROM drive.
what you have to do depends on where your drive is located and version of mtk flash you use.

I would suggest you to work with version MTKFlash 1.80, flashing with version 1.80.1 didn’t work always.

I saw you’ve posted in the DOS flash thread to, just contiue reading there.