Flash vs HTML5



As far as the web is concerned, and you’ll have to excuse my ignorance, I’m not gettin’ the whole ‘flash vs HTML’ thing. In connection with that, what are all these extensions, add-ons and plug-ins you’re supposed to have: Java, Java Deployment Toolkit, Java Console, Java Platform, Flash Player, Shockwave Flash…etc. What are they for and do you need them all in relation to Flash vs HTML? Frankly, I’m sick of scrolling through endless pages of FAQ’s and finding out nothing, so, anyone willing to explain the whole kit and kaboodle would be awesome! Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:


You are asking for a lot! I can’t/won’t answer all your questions but Flash is proprietary and owned by Adobe, HTML5 is a web standard (audio/video is just one part of it) and free to anyone to use on their website but your browser must be HTML5 capable which most modern browsers are (you’ll need IE9 from MS). Java is needed to run web apps, like some games, but is owned by Oracle. The plug-ins are necessary if you want to watch video on the web, Flash is the dominant player at this time, although HTML5 can be used for audio/video, websites will have to be rewritten to use it and don’t expect any major shift away from Flash any time in the near future. The use of these plugins should be transparent to you and cause no worry, so, unless you are a web developer, don’t worry about it.


It’s all “background stuff” that is of concern to website designers and people who write browser software
but to the vast majority it’s simplynot relevant.