Flash Utility for PLDS/LiteOn Based Optical Drives (v7.2.0)

LiteOn iHAS 122 FU May 2016

part 2.

Interesting post czary2mary1. Did you have to patch the EEPROM after the crossflashing or did it just work?

Could you be so nice to send me or upload somewhere the two 891SAF firmware dumps you seem to have? I’d like to try this with my 124 F.

Nothing are making the EEPROM !!!
Run as administrator Flash Utility v7 for PLDS and follow exactly step by step how to on my screen …
Firmware sent to you …

Thanks a lot!

Going back from 891SAF to 124F works using the unlocked Lite-On flasher, right?

Back everything exactly the same way as you did only firmware bin. LiteOn ihas to 124F or unlocked by Lite-On flasher.

So I tried the crossflash (from 124F CL99 to PX-891SAF 1.V6) and it worked like a charm, even though I used an external USB enclosure (but one that I trust, were I have done normal flashes with different drives w/o problems) and Win 10 64Bits. I wrote a DVD-R and a CD-R and that worked with good writing quality.
Even as a PX-891SAF both FlashUtility and EEPROMUtility still work and you can set options such as OHT or dump the eeprom.

One thing I noticed: ExactAudioCopy doesn’t work correctly in secure mode with C2 pointers on. The drive seems to report every read sector as having C2 errors, leading to EAC to read each sector ten times. Disabling C2 support under drive featured works. EAC then reads every sector twice (and has to empty the cache), so things may be a bit slower and maybe also less secure as EAC relies on the data if the two reads read the same data.
I then flashed v1.00 for the 891SAF which also worked (didn’t try writing) but the EAC behavior is the same.

Crossflashed to 324F CL88, worked again, EAC behavior / C2 reporting normal again. Currently I’m back at CL99, EAC / C2 still normal.

Another thing: As PX-891SAF the drive seems to support DVD-RAM read and write (at 12x IIRC).

[B]Crossflash LiteOn \PDLS DH16AFSH fw.DL31 to LiteOn iHAS 124F


[B]Crossflash LiteOn \PDLS DH16AFSH fw.DL31 to Plextor PX-891SAF


[QUOTE=czary2mary1;2780574]Back everything exactly the same way as you did only firmware bin. LiteOn ihas to 124F or unlocked by Lite-On flasher.[/QUOTE]

Do you have CL98 stock firmware of iHAS 124 F ?


Update of the model from the first version hardware to the software firmware of the second version hardware

Deciphering the version hardwaree[B]
the first version hardware

[/B][B]the second version hardware



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I have an Liteon ihbs212 drive and I would like use it as an ihbs312 drive with the firmware PL17. How can I flash it? Can anyone help me?

The firmware links in that thread are all dead. :frowning: Is there anyone who’s still here who could fix them?

How do I get the lite-on flash tool?? the links don’t work

Maybe you can find it here: https://archive.rpc1.org/codeguys/utilities/


Oh man, @C0deKing I just saw your post while looking for a flasher for my buggy iHAS124 F, the forums feel like they are no longer cared for, images and links lost, and old friends leaving elsewhere…

Thank you for everything you gave us throughout the years, I’ve learned so much from you and the others, your knowledge helped shape the person I am today. :bowdown: :bowdown: :flower:

@czary2mary I see you had several backups of iHAS 124 F stock fw, is it possible to share these if you still have them? I’ve been looking online for days and only found CL09, CL99, and CL9N.

And for anyone arriving at this thread in the future who can’t find Flash Utility v7.2.0, the original @C0deKing upload is still available on MediaFire in post 449 here.

And if you’re lazy you can just click here