Flash utility and iHOS104

When I run the Flash Utility 5.0 on my LiteOn iHOS104 drive I can read the flash to a bin file however the write button is grayed out, Is writing firmware not possible for this drive?

I am looking for a way to downgrade WL0D firmware on a drive to WL0B firmware because the new firmware can not output error rates the old one can.

Peter van Hoof

Did you ever find a way to downgrade your firmware on the iHOS104? I’m trying to do the same thing (just from WL0F to WL0D).

Nope, and with the old firmware you could do quality checking the new one acts as if it does bit there must be some difference that makes the software I was using not work.

It is kind of irrelevant now because I no longer work for the company I needed it for.


Bummer. Well, thanks for replying.