Flash update: DRW1004 not recognized

I have a strange problem that I wasn’t able to solve so far, so maybe someone of you had a similar problem and was able to find a solution.

The DRW1004 is working fine (sort of, already have a couple of coasters but that is probably related to non-supported media), but, the windows flash update tool does not recognize the drive at all.

The Target Drive combo stays empty, no matter what I try to do. I’ve put the drive as master alone on the second ide channel, I put it as slave with another drive - any combination you can think of.

All other tools recognize the drive fine (even a tool from BTC that you can use to look at the MID codes), and as I said it also burns using the usual tools.

Marco was trying to help me but also wasn’t able to find a solution. We ended having Marco sending me the DOS version of the flasher along with the 043 firmware.

Now the same game with 047 - still doesn’t want to see the drive. Before I bother Marco again to send me the DOS stuff I thought I see if there’s help out here.


My solution was to copy the 043 bin from the windows flasher to the dos disk and use the mtkflash to flash the 043 to the drive. NEVER had any luck flashing the drive from windows flasher.