Flash takes a lot longer to finish after reaching 100%



Hi, I upgraded my 1653S to CS0G downloaded form liteon site (first fw update in my life :o ).
After programing process was completed according to progress bar (100%) update was doing something with my drive for additional minute or two and then said that it’s updated.

Is this normal, or was it some kind of fw update difficulty?


is the drive working alright? if so then dont worry about it


I think it’s OK, but burns slower @8X, 9 minutes while with CS02 it was 7 minutes. But quality is much much better.

See some scans at:


@ mehdinh

When I flash new firmware in my 1633 it takes a long while after the bar hit 100% before the message update complete appeared. But it seems to be normal. But with my late 832 it was much quicker, so the first time I did it I became quite nervous. Nothing to worry about, everything is working O.K.

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Thanks for that information, it’s good to hear that :iagree: I was nervious while I was waiting after 100% of programming was completed. It was bad filling :eek:


My 1653S does this as well. How is your drive connected to the computer (IDE or external enclosure)?


It’s IDE internal 1653S.


Thanks. Mine’s external and I was wondering if it was that that was causing the issue. I think the drive might have a bigger flash chip fitted or a circuit board jumper has been fitted incorrectly and the flasher thinks it has to write 4x as much data to the drive. It’s a real pain for me because it takes much longer to flash a new firmware for testing :(.


So, this wasn’t problem with older devices, only 1653S, everything is OK, only it’s slow, am I 'right?


The flash is successful, it just takes much longer to complete. I don’t have the issue with my 1213S@1653S and I haven’t heard anyone else mention this before your post. I checked with the owner of a 1673S and they said that they didn’t have this issue. For a moment I thought we might have had 1673S hardware ;).


@ Mehdinh, C0deKing

As my drive is a 1633, and exhibits the same issue, it could be related to the hardware used in this series. I did’nt count the time it took (could very well be two minutes), but it was pretty scary. Next time I flash I’ll check the time it takes.

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ldw, that’s very interesting, a 1633S doing the same thing. As mine was in an external enclosure I was very relieved when it finally said the flash was successful. I wonder how many people have this same issue? I’ll change the thread title so we can see.


My 1653S connected via IDE does the same thing. I remember when I performed my first flash on the drive I was quite concerned, I thought something went wrong and the flash had hung. But I am used to it now :wink:


@ C0deKing

My 1633 is internal, connected secondary master, udma4, with a cd-rom drive as slave. Thought it maybe useful information.

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my 1633 also does the 100% for about 1.5-2 mins
internal ide master dma4 on sec channel


Yeah…its alwayz done that with me…was a scare the first time…but I guess its normal…:slight_smile:


I have two 1633 drives flashed to 1653. One drive has always updated very quickly, and the other one always takes 2 to 3 times as long to finish the firmware change. They both work just as well burning.


yup takes a lil bit longer then 100% here too


I have a 1633S@1653S. Finishes in about one minute for the full update icluding message. IDE Secondary Slave, with 40G hard drive as master.


Yes mine took a little while after reaching 100%, it was orig a Sony D22A. My original 1633S that I destroyed, also took that long, the destruction was my own fault, dropped something and bent over to pick it up with the drawer open got back up and snapped the tray off DUH !