Flash Problem :(

Hi there :slight_smile:

My problem : I had a 48125W with the VS06 firmware, I went to update to the VS08 firmware, but the damn thing crashed right near the end…I rebooted, and everything was detected fine. I went to write a CD, but the program wouldnt recognise my CD-RW as a burner anymore.
I thought it must ahve been the bad flash, so I reflashed it to the old VS06 again (using the one downloaded from the LIteon site), it went without a hitch and things were back to normal…or so I thought, I tested it by burning some different types of media, Ricohs, riteks, verbatims…etc, it was all FINE. until I tried some LASER 48x 80Min Cd’s (the gold ones)…I tried to burn some data onto it but th CD-RW would only spin up really fast and then spin down again, it would do this several times (usually for about 5 mins) and then the burn process woudl fail.

Prior to the bad flash, things were all working fine…every type of media even the Lasers worked FINE. I tested it with other types of laser media like the 90mins CD’s and a few more of the 80min ones, but still the SAME thing:(

Can anyone shed some light on this?..is there a way to fix it?


Thanks in advance

I would install the VS08 firmware again, hopefully this time without crashing. If it continues to crash in Windows something is creating a conflict. You can always use a VS08 BIN file and flash it from DOS with MTKflash.

VS08 is better firmware than VS06 and hopefully may fix the LASER recognition problem.

Thanks for the response inertia :slight_smile:

Ive just tried that, but still no go :(, same with the older VS04 firmware…

I then flashed it with a 40125S firmware and its working perfectly again :)…oh well no more 48x for me

so now its a 40x12x48