Flash PlexWriter PX-W5224TA to PlexWriter Premium (PX-W5232TA)?

Is it possible to flash the PlexWriter PX-W5224TA to a
PlexWriter Premium (PX-W5232TA)?

Has someone tried this?
Is the Hardware identical (only Firmware differences)?

Would be cool to get GigaRec and SecuRec for Plexwriter (PX-W5224TA)!!! :bigsmile:


The firmware utility will not allow flashing one model to another.

That’s clear!
My Question was is there only a limitation in the firmware (and Flashing utility)?
If its only a software limitation ==> this could be patched!

If the Hardware isn’t the same ==> there is no chance!

The hardware is different. The Premium uses a different encoder to extract the Q check data.

Yep, these two drives do not use the same hardware and thus it’s impossible to turn the regular 52x PlexWriter into a Premium drive.