Flash Player/PGCPS

Hey guys im in the district PGCPS and it blocks EVERYTHING! If you know someone who goes or you go this district adobe has stopped if you know how to get stuff without flash or downloading, thanks and that would be great!

Chrissy Afton

I agree I hate pgcps blocking my school district uses content keeper

Content Keeper is there to safely Allow Access to Educational Content to be given so you can learn and stay off games and other crap. Its there to help you.

PGCPS is free Internet to the students & I guess faculty.
That doesn’t mean it is free to us tax payers.
So if us tax payers are going to pay for it we want our moneys worth.
That means students use it to learn.
As alan posted not for games & other crap.

Feel free to purchase Internet.
I’m sure you can find an ISP without many restrictions.

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i got past it

it is not here to help it blocks educational webtsites that my teachers use!!!

news news ! using google play store you can download firefox personnel browser you can get past blocked sites