Flash Pioneer DVR-111L to DVR-111D


After flashing my DVR111D to DVR111L, i’m testing to flash my DVR111L to DVR111D (no problem to flashing) but after, it’s impossible to write any DVR with Nero.

The message in Nero : Pioneer DRV111 not ready.

My procedure to flash :

DVR111D -> Flash with DVR-111L 8.19 EXT* -> Flash with DVR 111L 8.26 EXT (EXT because USB2)

DVR111L 8.26 -> Flash with DVR-111D 1.06* -> Flash with DVR 111D 1.29

I’m have the same problem (impossible to write) whith the Flash 111 1.29 (DVR111L 8.26 -> Flash with DVR-111 1.06* -> Flash with DVR 111 1.29).

Only the firmware DVR111L 8.26 EXT work now in my DVR111D.

(sorry for my english).




I have restart my DVR each time.

DVR111L 8.26 -> Flash with DVR-111D 1.06*-> restart -> Flash with DVR 111D 1.29 -> restart.


DVR111L 8.26 -> Flash with DVR-111 1.06* -> restart -> Flash with DVR 111 1.29 -> restart.

try flashing in safemode

I haven’t tried burning in Nero but after flashing 111D 1.19 --> 111L 8.26 --> 111D 1.29 it works fine with CDSpeed / ImgBurn etc.

Have you tried flashing it to a [B]8.29 EXT[/B]?

Sorry to ask but why 111D to 111L (111L is the best) and now 111L to 111D? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Try Control Panel/System/Hardware and then remove the 111 drive. Restart Windows and let windows detect the drive again.

Correct, restarting is necessary.