Flash of a NEC 3520 gone wrong

Hmmm today i decided to flash my NEC ND 3520 to the newest “NEC” firmware. since i had issues with some DVD’s

Well i did this following their instructions check if i don’t have the intel software installed.

Didn’t have that installed.

Ran the update. flashed it. Turned my pc off. Turned it back on.

Hmmm no DVD drive.

I look at my device management and it’s under other devices.
It’s there but it’s not a DVD writer anymore.

When i want to flash back i can’t seem to find it.

Nor can i install drivers for it.

Any ideas?

Uninstall the ide channell it is on, and Windows will reinstall it on reboot. If its still viable, it will be detected. Make sure the molex power cable is on tight.