Flash NEC ND-6750A slave to master?

My laptop has a primary and secondary master IDE connection. The primary is reserved for the hard drive and the secondary for cd/dvd drives.

I recently ordered a ND-6750A drive because all the reviews I’ve read have stated that it’s set to master from factory. Well, I put it in my laptop and for some reason it only shows up as Secondary Slave. The BIOS doesn’t have options for Slave settings so there’s nothing I can do about it in the BIOS.

The reverse ATA firmware on Liggy’s site is meant to take the default Master setting and make it slave, so I can’t use that either (already tried out of desperation).

Since there’s no firmware to go from slave to master, I’m stumped.

Any ideas outside of getting a replacement and hoping for a Master drive?

I really need to set this to Master as I can only read discs and not burn since with it’s current config all I get are power calibration errors. Thanks!

What’s the current firmware version of your drive? I’m sure it already is a master drive.

I believe it’s 2.01 if I remember right. I tried flashing it to another firmware to see if it’d fix anything (but not before dumping the original firmware, of course). I’d have to reinstall it.

Right now I’m using a (slowly dying) ND-6500A which when I installed it, also installed as a slave drive (but seemed to work ok). So I used the reverse ATA firmware to force it to be a master drive and it’s now recognized in the BIOS correctly and gives me better burns.

I tried the same thing on the ND-6750A but it doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because it’s set to a specific setting and not CSel like the 6500A? Either way I can’t figure out how to make this work.

With firmware 2.01 it should be running as a master drive. Several laptops have a strange way of working with their drives. So flashing to Reverse ATA might solve your problem.

I was hoping you’d say that :wink:

Now I just gotta find a slim drive to IDE atapter and I’ll be all set (didn’t need it to flash the 6500A).

Thanks for the help!

I’m going to order such an adapter this week :wink:

Hi Guys, Just Finished Straining My Eyes, Soldering The New NEC ND-6750a , My Toshiba sat 2450-201 was having a winge, and thanks to liggy and dees solder tips its now all back up and running very quickly, re installed from cd’s in a few mins instead of half an hour like before, old drive was very slow.

So A Very Big Thanks To You Guys, Great Help To Us Newbies, Pity Toshiba And NEC Cant Get There Stuff Right, Looked All Over There Sights And No Clues, Even Rang NEC Who Said Yes Drives Are Shipped As Master ( how can they sleep at night )…lol

Anyway Thanks Again, and anyone attemting the solder tip, make sure your eyesights good and the iron tip is small, or a big magnifying glass…

Cheers Everyone…

Good Night


I used the adapter to do the reverse ATA on the drive which worked great and my laptop recognizes the drive as it should.


While I now can burn to +R discs, I can’t burn to -R or DVD-RW.


I thought maybe the firmware needs to be updates but I didn’t see a Slave version of the 2.41 firmware on your site. Would you happen to have plans for this? Thanks again!

I think that’s no firmware issue here.

While I now can burn to +R discs, I can’t burn to -R or DVD-RW.

Please look up in the device manager, if the second IDE channel is set to DMA mode and not to PIO mode.

I checked and it was at DMA. I’ve since gone back to my (slowly dying) 6500a and currently looking for a new replacement.