Flash nd-7550 as secondary master

I nedd to flash my nd-7550 as secondary master. To do so, i used the NEC reverse ATA fimware as recommended (http://www.de.nec.de/faq_detail.php/id/1350/frage/687/lang/ENG). But after flashing the device is configured als secondary slave. It is not recognized in BIOS, only when inserting (Media Bay) during a running Windows XP. Is there any possibility to flash the device as secondary master?

Thanks for your help an excuse for my terrible english :rolleyes:

Well, actually, the drive itself was configured as master, so there should be no need to flash it with the reverse ATA package/firmware. This only changes the drive into a slave configured one.
To me, the information provided on the nec page is wrong. If you plug the drive to the secondary ide channel, it is either secondary master or secondary slave. The channel is ide-controller dependent whereas the master/slave-setting can be configured at the drive.
Have there been problems with the drive before appliing the reverse ATA package?

Summary of my post in German:
Normalerweise kommen die Laufwerke von NEC bereits als Master, also hättest du eigentlich das reverse ATA-package nicht gebraucht. ME ist die Info auf der NEC-Seite falsch, die Primary/Secondary Einstellung kommt eigentlich vom Motherboard aus, nur die Slave/Master Einstellung kann am Laufwerk geändert werden.
Gab es vor der Anwendung dieses Reverse ATA Packages Probleme mit dem Laufwerk?

The problem was that my drive was working only in PIO-mode and i couldn’t wirte any DVD-RAM. So i searched the NEC-support for similar problems an found the posted link.

That was also my thought that ide-devices only can be configured as master or slave and the ide-controller defines the primary or secondary channel. But maybe there is somthing i don’t know. After all this is my first experience with slimline dvd-drives.
Thus it’s not possible to switch back to a master firmware? :frowning:

It’s embarrassing that NEC provides wrong informations about their own products. :Z

Oh, you found the wrong solution. The problem I had and solved was nearly the same. Only PIO mode and no good burning performance, especially with DVD+RW discs. The solution was pretty simple, I just deinstalled the secondary IDE channel in the device-manger, rebooted Windows and the channel got reinstalled automatically. Afterwards, the drive was set to DMA mode and everything was fine.

Actually, I checked it myself, they have this solution provided on their page (okay, not the re-install-process): http://de.nec.de/faq_detail.php/id/1350/frage/692/lang/ENG or German Version: http://de.nec.de/faq_detail.php/id/1348/frage/676/lang/GER
You may also have a look at my other post regarding my problem: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1403389&postcount=26

edit: last link corrected, this was the wrong one.

Thank you for your help, this was obviously my mistake. I had no idea to solve this problem with windows-driver reinstall. I thought the PIO mode is a “jumpering” issue. Stupidly i have no possibiliy to test it now, as i told my drive is slave and is not recognized in BIOS.
Is there any possibility to flash an master bootcode?

You will first need to get your drive recognized by a BIOS. This probably means that you will need an IDE adapter and a desktop PC for this. Once you got that far, I will tell you how to proceed.

Now i have everything i need: a slimline to ide adapter and desktop PC. Does it make any difference on witch channel i connect the drive or it’s only important, that the bios recognizes the drive?

The secondary channel is preferred. Most of NEC’s master/slave tools don’t check the primary channel.

But you can always run the executable and add the parameters for the primary channel manually.