Flash mp3 player recommendations?

I’m looking for a 1 gig mp3 player that I can wear around my arm at the gym.
It should have some kind of equalizer, preferably programmable as I’m not big on factory presets (rock, jazz, classical, etc). Some punch to the volume would be nice. I always seem to buy mp3/cd players (and the old walkmans) that need to be turned up to 80% of max volume even with decent headphones.

yeah i agree with you about the “volume” issue, as i got a RCA RD2010 (128MB built in, but i added a 512MB Flash card to it… 10 hours total music @ 128bit rate mp3) MP3 player and the volume aint that great overall… even the sound quality i dont think is as good as my sony cd player that i got in 1999… it just seems it’s lacking in overall sound quality (bass probably is the main thing and everything else seems to be a little less quality) although for it’s price it’s not a bad device overall… overall im happy with it but i dont know if i could recommend it since theres quite a few other flash based mp3 players on the market and im sure theres gotta be better ones than what i got… also the one i got dont have a equalizer it’s just got the preset’s that you mentioned u dont want… but i just leave mine on the “bass” setting as i think that overall sounds the best no matter what kind of music im listening to.

also thats another thing it seems… flash based mp3 players might lack storage compared to say a IPOD but they also got much better battery life (than a ipod) especially if u use your own rechargable batteries … so basically it’s a trade off between storage and batt life… also size wise the flash based players have the edge… and even price the flash based players are probably a better choice.

i dont know what to recommend to you but i just thought i would post my expierience on here :wink:

Thanks for your response. I’m surprised no one here has any suggestions.
I would never buy an I-pod because anything made by Apple means big bucks in the original purchase and for after market stuff like batteries.
Secondly, for a larger unit, I have my 20 gig Archos.

I’ve done some research since my last post was going to buy one of the Creative Labs 1 gig flash players until I found out it was only 5 mw per channel!

I’ve narrowed it down to either Iaudio or Iriver as both manufacture units that are about 13-18 mw per channel with nice customizable equalizers.