Flash MP3 player market gets threatened by mobile phones



I just posted the article Flash MP3 player market gets threatened by mobile phones.

    There was a time when portable music was basically where one carried a  cassette player along with a couple of tapes such as home compilations.  Later  the portable CD player...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11595-Flash-MP3-player-market-gets-threatened-by-mobile-phones.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11595-Flash-MP3-player-market-gets-threatened-by-mobile-phones.html)

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But for the fact that MP3-enabled phones [B]suck[/B] for sound quality and storage. Rumors of mobile phones taking over are greatly exagerated.


mp3-enabled phones may be suck NOW, but the article is talking about the future. Many things will be possible. It is possible for phones to have 3Mpixel cameras, hard drive based storage, etc.




I think it’ll be sweet when phones rival flash-based mp3 players. I take my phone almost everywhere. It’ll be so convenient to have a nice sized music library with me instead of having nothing because I forgot to bring yet another device with me.


I don’t think that Apple will launch their own Ipod phone. They’ll just partner with another company, like Motorola, Nokia, etc. (like they are already doing now) and the phone manu’s will have to come out with a new phone every year, not Apple. All Apple has to do is give their partner the info. needed to be Ipod compatible then sit back and let the royalties roll in from the partner company. That allows Apple to continue to concentrate on their Ipod while their partner concentrates on making phones that are Ipod compatible. I don’t see this as being any risk to Apple, unless those phone companies that are not partnered with Apple make some head way into eroding Ipod and Itunes sales through their own MP3 players.


Three reasons why I don’t see this happening any time soon: 1.Sound quality is much better on dedicated mp3 players 2.Memory size will be limited on phones 3.Battery life would be decreased too much. If I’m expecting an important phone call, this means that I don’t want to listen to my music because it could drain the battery.


#3 is a good point, but the other two are irrelevant. The article’s whole point is that eventually phones will have the quality and capacity to rival dedicated flash based players.


well i happen to have SE w800i i was in the middle of choosinge either ipod nano or w800i the gap between w800i and ipod in terms of sound quality ise irrelevant - there isn’t any only advantage for me would have been the price, cause w800i with 4GB memory card would double the price of nano the w800s battery life is better than with ipod nano i think there will be tough competition ahead between mobile phones and flash mp3 players