Flash memory weakness may be solved by Rom manufacturer Macronix

I just posted the article Flash memory weakness may be solved by Rom manufacturer Macronix.

Flash memory may get a boost in longevity due to a new discovery by Macronix.

Click to read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/flash-memory-weakness-may-be-solved-by-rom-manufacturer-macronix-65081/](http://www.myce.com/news/flash-memory-weakness-may-be-solved-by-rom-manufacturer-macronix-65081/)

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Still it’s not an improvement actually, kind of work-around: how would we use it irl?
What will it be: „Regional Flash Refreshing Centre” run by local entrepreneurs?
Maybe soon they’ll fill in with details.

I think there would be some onboard solution for “resetting” the memory instead of a RMA process. Consumers are the use and throw away type… refurbishing is more of a test/replace kind of deal… very little is “FIXED” these days, unless the labor cost justifies it. Considering how high SSD drives are… this is still a reasonable process to consider, BUT, could companies guarantee consumers won’t catastrophically lose data from these drives?

IMO, they should just design the memory to go a few million cycles w/o having to refresh in the first place…

Read about it; they’ve designed a memory microchip with a miniature cell heaters.
I still wonder about any possibilities and consequences of failure. 800°C in a pocket doesn’t sound good.
Macronix will present the results of their researches at IEEE International Electron Device Meeting 2012 at San-Francisco, maybe they’ll reveal some info about that.