Flash memory based on optical disk storage?

Does it exist such this product?
A usb flash memory which is based on optical drive, so I can plug it into any device which can recognise any usb flash memory, and change it’d data by changing the disc in the dvd/bluray drive?

Something like external usb odd, which will be recognised on all platforms without needs of driver?
thx in advanced

Hi and Welcome!

I don’t understand what device you are looking for :confused:
Optical media and flash media are totally different technologies.

What is wrong with an USB flash drive?


what i am thinking of is the following:
all devices have usb ports are able to run external hdd and flash memories with different types.
so what i am searching for is the same, usb external enclosure, but instead of data on hdd, data will be on odd.
something like a flash memory but dont store data in eeprom, but in discs, so I can change data on the fly, and can be generic to be usable on all devices with different OS which can recognize normal usb flash memory

I’m not sure what are you searching for exactly, but USB pendrive already can store data, are rewritable, and are more reliable than optical media.

Maybe you are searching for an optical drive that automatically write data on a rewritable disc [I]without a burning software[/I]? It is a nonsense, because optical media are not reliable enough to be used like hard disks. So, the best solutions are an external hard disk or USB pendrives. Moreover, these technologies allow a higher capacity compared to an optical disc.

IMO the idea follow the read / write issue on multiple layers that develop now on discs. This could be only the begining of a process .
Advancing in this direction will lead to change the states of the atoms that compound cristals , going even beyond the two state - binary system - actually in use , that is improving a LOT …
A laser with a HIGH frequency ( that is a wavelength of the proper size for the cristal used ) and adequate energy in order to be able to percieve the state of the atom ( but not to modify this state too much - it should not change the particular charaterisic of that state that gives the information ) - this should be the reading process . Different characteristics should have the laser in order to change the state of the atom as it should be to perform the writting. Jumping up from the binary system will dramatically increse the density of the data.
Obviously , handling the single ( better said the sigle pair of ) photon ( s ) will help.
For now , the storage is what keeps computing slow ( in a manner of speaking ) , maybe it will be the fastest part in the future.

I think this COULD BE one way the memory would develop in the future ( not so far I hope ) …
It is only my opinion , I don’t pretend I’m 100% right . Beside , there are technological problems to be solved…
This would mean we ( we as humans ) will master nanotechnology , which today we don’t …

I forgot to mention : the crystals should have no defect .