Flash Memorex 24Maxx to Liteon 32xx


is it possible to flash my Memorex 24Maxx to Liteon 32xx or 40xx
I have the ( MEMOREX 24MAXX 1040) with the (V5WSB) Firmware.

which Firmware do I need to do this.

with best regards

Nero CD Speed Test results

General Information

Operating System Windows XP Professional
Drive Memorex 24MAXX 1040
Firmware Version 5WSB
Serial Number
Disc Blank
Capacity 79:59.73

Transfer Rate

Start 16.00x
End 24.01x
Average 22.76x
Type Z-CLV


Time Elapsed Action
[13:00:34] Starting Transfer Rate Test
[13:02:35] Canceled by user
[13:03:32] Starting Write Transfer Rate Test
[13:07:31] 3:59 Speed:16-24 X Z-CLV (22.76 X average)

You have to find out if your drive is a 24102B or a 24103S.

If it is 24103S, then you can upgrade using XSU1.

Thank you.

But how to find this out? is there any software to use it to find out which Firmware is in my drive a 24102B or a 24103S?

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Use mtkflash to extract your current firmware.

If it is 256 kBytes: 24102B
If it is 512 kBytes: 24103S


thank you for your reply.

So I used the MTKFLASH to read the Firmware from my MEMOREX 24MAXX.

MTKFLASH 4 R /M old.bin

it was very good and I found out that this file is 552KB

It is 512 kBytes: 24103S

I used the XSU1 to upgrade…

It flashed all Banks from 0-7

I rebootde and then the green Led was all of the time on.

My bios didn’t show any drive on the secondary slave.

Then I flashed the old Firmware again without any problem.

Now I’d like to now if there any way to make my 24MAXX as 32 Burner.

May I try to flash the other Firmware for 24102B?


You could try a 32123S firmware (that would be XS0X).

An unlikely possibility is that your writer has a 512 kB flash memory, but only uses 256 kB thereof and is indeed 2-chipset. But I don’t believe in this…